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If you are looking for an affordable unlimited 4G LTE package, X-broadband offers unlimited broadband plans and pricing ranging from $99 for a 75 Gig+ plan to $139 monthly for a Truly Unlimited Plan for any business or consumer looking for a bundle that includes video display, security monitoring, remote helpdesk support, VPN access, enhanced VoIP and custom wireless solutions just to name a few applications supported by the 4G LTE wireless solution.
Our Gig + solutions provide a pricing plan for everyone. The plans come with a soft cap. This means even after you exceed your cap, you will never get disconnected or charged an overage fee. For instance, on the 60 Gig+ plan, when you exceed 60 Gig threshold, your speeds drops to 3G and remains at 3G until the next billing period resumes. You will never experience overage charges for exceeding your soft cap data cap on the Gig+ plans. On the other hand, the Unlimited 4G Lte Plan will provide you continous 4G Lte speed throughout the month with no throttling or soft cap.

Wireless 4G LTE 10 Day Trial and Refund Window

Wireless 4G Lte deployment can be very tricky when it comes to qualifying the address for signal reception. Wireless signal reception can be impacted by distance from the tower, obstructions such as trees, metal roofs and walls, hilly terrain and other signal interference. Since we understand this, all of our packages come with a 10 day trial period, to make sure you aren't stuck paying for our service if it isn't the right solution for you. If you are unsatisfied with the service, just let us know within 10 days of recieving it and you will get a FULL refund minus the $20 shipping cost. If signal strength is an issue at your location, we also offer booster antenna kits that drastically increase signal strength. These all come with our trial period as well.

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