How fast are your internet connections?

Like all mobile broadband connections, the speeds of our internet connections vary based on your proximity to the nearest cell tower. Mobile broadband download speeds range from 80 Mbit/s right under the tower to 1 Mbit/s several miles away.

On average, however, our 4G LTE networks have download speeds of between 20 and 50 Mbps and upload speeds of between 5 and 12 Mbps. These speeds are fast enough to support video streaming, video conferencing, and real-time online gaming.

How reliable are your internet connections?

If you have decent coverage, your mobile broadband connection should be very reliable. We work hard to select the most reliable hardware manufacturers and cellular carriers in the business. Interruptions in our service are rare.

If you have poor coverage, however, you may experience some connectivity problems. It's our priority to keep you online, but we, unfortunately, can't guarantee an uninterrupted internet connection. A booster antenna can help solve recurring connectivity problems.

What is unlimited data?

Unlimited data is data with no monthly data cap and no monthly overage fees. With unlimited data, you never have to ration your data use or pay a dollar in overage fees. Instead, you can stream video, call with video, and game online to your heart's content.

Illegal or suspicious usage, however, is not unlimited. Since we are using the cell phone carriers towers, all users still must abide by the carriers and FCC regulations and policies. For normal users this will never be a problem and will never cause any issues with service. However, anyone who attempts to use our service to engage in illegal activity or use an extreme amount of data will be terminated immediately.

Do you throttle internet speeds?

On the unlimited plan there are no caps or throttling. On the 75GB+ and 100GB+ plans we throttle speeds down to 3G ONLY after you have used your 75GB or 100GB of monthly high speed data.

Other factors may occasionally affect your internet speeds. These factors include weather, tower congestion during peak times, and interference. These effects are usually very minor and the changes in performance will not even be noticeable. If you think your particular location has extreme weather, tower congestion, or signal interference please discuss your particular situation with one of our experts to see if mobile broadband is the right choice for your location.

Where is your coverage zone?

Since we are leveraging the networks of the major cell phone providers, we are able to provide our service almost anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico. Even if our partner carriers do not cover your area, our experts can create custom packages with other providers to provide high speed internet for your home!

How many devices does one internet connection support?

Good hardware is the key to a high-capacity network. Our routers and modems can support as many as 80 devices, depending on the model. Even our most basic models support over 30 connected devices.

When choosing the best internet solution for you, also keep in mind that the connection speed will limit how many devices you can use at once. With our average speeds users are able to use many devices simultaneously at once on any of our routers. However, if you need to be able to use an unusually high number of devices at once, we recommend discussing your needs and intended usage with one of our experts to determine the best package for you.

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