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Broadband-X is now able to offer Unlimited 4G Lte internet for broadband applications, smart home automation and machine-to-machine devices. Who doesn't want robust high-speed internet access in their home or office? Our rural internet solutions connect you with unlimited web surfing, video streaming, video calling, and online gaming. Our smart home automation devices include smart video door bells, smart water sensors, and smart smoke detectors, just to name a few. Our introductory packages cost as little as $39 per month for our smart device connectivity, and we have home and business internet plans starting at just $99 per month.

All of our home and business internet plans are unlimited, but with varying amounts of high speed data. This means you never get hit with overages or extra charges and you are never cut off and left without any internet. Once you hit your allotted amount of monthly high speed data that you purchased, you receive unlimited 3G data for free for the rest of the month. Once the month is over, your speeds automatically go back up to 4G LTE speeds.

Our most popular plan is the Unlimited High Speed Data plan for $139. This plan includes unlimited high speed data so you never have to worry about getting throttled down to 3G speeds, no matter how much you use. It is ideal for gamers, movies streamers, large households, and other heavy internet users.
Our 75GB+ and 100GB+ plans are ideal for light internet users who do not do a lot of gaming or video streaming. They also work well for certain video security systems and business failover uses. These plans are more cost effective and both plans come with free unlimited 3G data after you have hit your 4G LTE data limit. Give us a call today and speak to an expert to determine the best plan to fit your needs!

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75 Gig + 4G LTE

$99 monthly

  • Download speed Up to 15 ‐ 50 Mbps
  • Upload speed 5 ‐ 15 Mbps
  • Average Ping Time 45 Milliseconds


Truly Unlimited 4G Lte Broadband Package

$129 monthly
$139 monthly

  • Download speed Up to 15 ‐ 50 Mbps
  • Upload speed 5 ‐ 15 Mbps
  • Average Ping Time 45 Milliseconds

100 Gig + 4G LTE

$119 monthly

  • Download speed Up to 15 ‐ 50 Mbps
  • Upload speed 5 ‐ 15 Mbps
  • Average Ping Time 45 Milliseconds

Faster Speeds, Robust Ping Time, Consistent Connection, ADD A BOOSTER ANTENNA

If you are a video gamer, do stream lots of movies, or have numerous smart home automation devices, your questions will most likely have centered around faster speeds and latency of the wireless connection on our wireless pricing packages. The faster the wireless connection, the better your devices and applications will function, and the better your wireless 4G Lte user experience will be. A booster antenna is the best add-on you could ever add to your wireless network for an immediate benefit.

Increase your connection's potential download and upload speeds with a booster antenna. This powerful device amplifies cellular signals, creating a strong local network that loads content more quickly. For best results, we recommend one of several high-gain booster antennas: a 14 dBi Supermax Yagi Antenna, a 6 dBi Omni-directional Antenna, or a MIMO antenna. Contact us to find out which antenna meets your needs.

4G Lte Connection Is Available Anywhere In the USA

NEWS Flash: Unlimited Wireless 4G Lte Data Plans are available for your vital broadband connections to support support Wi-Fi for RVs, video gaming, smart home automation, smart video surveillance and much more. Anyone who lives or works within four to fifteen miles of the nearest cell tower can connect to our convenient mobile broadband networks without issue. If you live further than four miles away, a simple booster antenna can put you in range of the tower. Our extensive mobile broadband networks cover more than 98% of Americans.

Serving areas where cable internet can not reach, and where satellite internet is inadequate for video streaming or video gaming.

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